MAGIX Music Maker 2013

MAGIX Music Maker 2013

Full-featured application to create professional audio tracks in any genre
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Composing your own tracks with MAGIX Music Maker 2013 takes but a dose of creativity and a bit of musical rhythm. Actually, you do not even need to create your own melodies to produce excellent music with this tool - all you need to do is to combine its more than 3,000 loops and sounds with the right amount of musical gusto. Its multi-track, intuitive interface will help you make the creation process as simple and easy as possible.

All the main musical styles are covered by the thousands of sounds that the program offers you - rock-pop, jazz, eurodance, chill-out, techno, etc. Just by combining your sense of rhythm with your choice of any of these loops you will be surprised at how easy it is to create pro-sounding music tracks. However, you can also add your own melodies to it, if you happen to be a bit of a composer. To do so, the program offers you a good range of instruments, including percussion, keyboard, a wide choice of guitars, and an endless choice of special effects. You can also unleash a singer in you and add your own vocals to your compositions.

Vita and Vita 2 are some of the more powerful tools included in MAGIX Music Maker 2013. The former offers you a wide range of solo instruments for you to create guitar riffs or add melodic synthesizers to your creations. Bass, drums, pads, percussions are some of the many groups of virtual instruments available. Vita 2 provides you with a keyboard and a powerful sample player that take the number of instruments and arrangements available to a higher level.

Its attractive multi-track interface makes audio mixing a very intuitive experience. You can use up to 99 tracks simultaneously, filling them with samples taken from the program's database, your own melodies, new sounds and instruments created by you, and even with your own voice. Its colorful, comfortable Soundpool control will help you create your tracks in a fast and simple way.

I cannot finish this review without mentioning a feature that I did not expect to find in a music creation tool - its text to speech conversion capability. You can type or paste any text, and the program will use the synthetic voices installed on your system to read them out loud for you. You can add whatever sound effects you prefer to these recordings, and make them part of your compositions. As you can see, with MAGIX Music Maker 2013, your creativity is the limit.

Francisco Martínez
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  • Good range of musical instruments to choose from
  • Allows you to edit your arrangements
  • Includes MAGIX Loop Designer
  • Text to speech capabilities
  • Automatic remix agent
  • Multi-track, intuitive interface design


  • The lack of uniformity in the design of some of the windows make it look a bit patchy
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